Deo Dorez
Joe Woodward

a monologue
(17 -19 min)

The performance of Deo Dorez is usually part of a prsentation of short works. It requires an actor / actress with excellent vocal delivery and a Butoh / silent performer able to convey the intensity provoked by a ghost.


Sample Text.

A Face of a beautiful model appears on a screen. She is sad eyed and knowing.


LIGHTS UP on a Gallery.


Artist is drinking wine and observing the face.

The sculpture of Dorez rises from the floor into a serene seated position; perhaps a Yoga position which has to be held for quite some time. Dorez never directly reacts to what the Artist is saying. Though some of her subtle changes in expression seem parallel responses to what Artist is saying.

Now Artist slowly moves through the gallery; stopping to observe the still frame of Dorez in the centre. Dorez is now an alive sculpture. Artist moves away upstage then looks back.



You seemed like a friend. Are you my friend? You smile at me and touch me like friends do. But we know the truth. The deep seated undeniable truth! No! You certainly are not my friend. Though after you had knifed me you were still all smiles and hugs in the theatre foyer. Weren't you! You even went along with the suggestion we should meet again at Ringo's Restaurant and Bar for a drink anda catch-up. Am I right? Your eyes even had that softened texture that eyes get when feigning a certain melting in the company of someone who awe-inspires you. You know how you get that look of deference and compliance. Probably that same look you practiced in front of your husband for years. At least in the early days before the rot set in and &ldots; well I'm not interested in your love life. I actually was attracted to your mind.

Silly isn't it! Now I know it isn't a mind at all. Only a lot of bubbles arranged to seem like a mind. So now you have to keep proving you have a mind don't you! It's not enough for you to accept your level of intelligence.

No! You have to keep proving it as if to get one of life's sticky gold stars like some 1960s girls' school prefect. I'll bet you kept your blazer. A memento of when you were your father's little princess and you had servants from the lower classes running around after you. Eh Dorez? Your cultivated look of disdain and superior breeding never left you, did it? I still see you perfecting your look of disdain as if you are beholding to some superior information about the universe and all its secrets normally hidden from the likes of me.


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