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SCREAM January 2010

Devious Amongst us

You know, all the devious bastards amongst us have to do to destroy freedoms we take for granted is to kill a few people or threaten to kill people and thus awaken the paranoi within our governing bodies and the labotomised public ... at this point, laws create attitudes that befit the scum of society ... Does anyone really believe Hitler or Pol Pot came from benign balanced societies where people actually cared for each other???????

A little harsh Roy?

Look at our curent Prime Minister, a decent man ... but a man of no concept when it comes to understanding that the scum of the earth are only happy when the earth is reduced to scum. So be it for the Islamic Jihadists and those who cry poor when they enact some social deviancy that causes pain on people who had no idea what was coming. I mean the victims of criminal violence ... and what a pity it is that the Left in the political spectrum has alligned itself with the fascist Islamic reactioneries who believe women are chattels of gorilla men ... men who believe their women are like their goats or pigs with some petty commercial value ... yet the Left feels it can accommodate such opinion because it must align with a multi-cultural view where all things reign supreme and it is anti-west ... no wonder the Muslim writer, Ziaddin Sardar, views western ideology with such contempt. What of the western women who once championed the chaining of themselves to hotel bars in the 1960s because women were excluded ... but now make excuses for the sheer terror inflicted by Islamic ideologies on women in Africa and the middle east ... these same women who turn away and say it's "their culture" ... 'their' being a patronising salute to the chauvenistic swine who govern in much of the middle east and Africa! A harsh assessment? Well take a look and open your eyes ... and don't feel it's an either/or because of the actions of Fascists on the Western side of the divide (ie. George Bush etc). Wake UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... a little harsh Roy??? maybe ... this isn't exactly a balanced and academic treatise is it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe W