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Are you a producer looking for a script embedding surrealist, Butoh and Theatre Of Cruelty possibilities? Are you a student looking for challenging material for a monologue or audition? Are you interested in poetic text with philosophical questions and historical contexts of the current age?

New text with surreal influences and excellent monologues for students and auditions is now available from Shadow House PITS

The text of the recent production of GEESE is now offered for sale with performance licence also available.


Have a look at the preview of GEESE:

Festival directors and interested others should contact SHADOW HOUSE PITS for information.
Email us at:

 The GEESE text  is available for $20.

Production licence for GEESE is available for a $500 advance and then 10% of box office takings.

The prime criteria for letting out the licence is a passion for the material and a desire on the producer's part to challenge audiences and the respective cultures where the work is to be performed. You are invited to join us on this quest by producing one of our plays within your own cultural and community context. We invite you to exercise your imagination and your desire to embrace theatre for change and liberation. Let me know if you find any other offerings on the Internet that have the same or similar aims.

Read reviews of the play here and here.

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