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Joe Woodward artistic director

    Joe Woodward is an independent theatre producer, writer, director and teacher. His first professional theatre appointment was as an actor / Educational Officer at La Boite Theatre in Brisbane, where he continued training as an actor and as a director. He was subsequently appointed Co-Ordinator of the professional theatre-in-education company the E.C.D.P. based at the theatre. Later positions include: Artistic Director of The Jigsaw Theatre Company (Canberra) in 1980; Producer/director/entrepreneur as part of David Bates and Joe Woodward (1980 - 1981); Co-Owner/Manager (with David Bates) of Pie In The Sky Theatre and Bar (P.I.T.S.) 1981 - 1984; Director / Executive Officer of Stage Coach Theatre School (1985 - 1994). From 1986 to 1989 he was a member of the ACT Arts Development Board and Co-Chair in 1988/89 of the Performing Arts Committee with Anne Edgeworth. He is currently Coordinator of Performing Arts at Daramalan College in Canberra while still working as Artistic Director of Shadow House PITS.

    With over twenty-five produced plays to his credit, texts are now being produced in locations around the globe. Scripts are available here through this web site. As a performer, Woodward specialises in live play and poetry reading and radio plays.



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