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SCREAM No. 73 January 2016

"Every time I see an old man
I Wonder what crimes he committed.
I wonder who he raped; shot; 
killed; punched in the face; betrayed;
left dangling alone, unloved and discarded.
I wonder how many girls and women
he sexually assaulted. 
I wonder what children he sired without ever acknowledging or knowing of their existence ...
I wonder what he is concealing behind those frightened eyes and lined skin of his leathery face;
those canyons of life's experience that suggest,
but never acknowledge anything!
And I wonder if he allows the guilt to
eat away at his soul and 
drag him further into his own hell!"


In a forthcoming production from Shadow House PITS, a now hardened young girl speaks the above lines as the opening text from the play. "And Beyond the Violence" is a work in progress that currently has been in the offing for two years; but never finding its focus. As a writer, I cannot begin a project knowing the answers. This is the task for creating anything. The world is coming to accept so much violence that only a few decades ago was considered something that is past. The world wars and the lessons from Vietnam along with the fall of the Berlin Wall seemed to suggest we were on a new path. Only to discover that all the violence that ever was is now still ahead of us ... and suffocating us in its hold. So much so that the child who has also experienced violence can see in people all the violence which they have inflicted upon the world. Just give them time. The older they are the more likely the crime! But the young girl is planning her escape.





And Beyond The Violence


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