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written and directed by 
Joe Woodward

music by
Damien Foley

A psycho / sexual odyssey spanning more than fifty years intrudes into a house of mirrors where an old man is confronted by the woman who was once Hebe, the goddess of youth. Our Lady By The Beach Over The Sea is a haunting reflection on the near impossibility of love in a
post-modern era. 

Our Lady By The Beach Over The Sea

The Courtyard Studio 
Canberra Theatre Centre
20,  21, 22, 23, 27, 28 February 
1, 2 March  8.00pm 
matinee Sunday 24 Feb at 5.30pm

Ticketing information: 02 6275 2700




  • Oliver Baudert

  • Trish Kelly

  • Andrew Eddey

  • Kat Bramston 

  • Lucy Matthews


Shadow House PITS begins 2013 with Our Lady By The Beach Over The Sea.

Theatre where dreams and memory distort the past only to pre-empt the future

A theatre of dreams and images, it involves operatic influences and fluid image theatre!

What is it all About?

It is about the deceptive nature of dreams, illusion and idealism compounded by artistic inspiration. The narrative deals with a meeting between an aging man and his muse of fifty years earlier; that woman he painted, wrote poems for, and then waited a lifetime to recover her love. But his meeting uncovers an unexpected and yet revealing aspect of the world of the sea and the shore. There is no static or balanced universe but only an uncompromising clash within nature.

Referencing John Keats' poems Lamia and The Fall of Hyperion and utilising spoken text, music, operatic voices, Butoh dance, image theatre and digital video Our Lady By The Beach Over The Sea will certainly stimulate your dreams and challenge your known world.


SHADOW HOUSE PITS is Canberra's leading experimental theatre offering an alternative laboratory and performance arena utilizing drama, dance, digital / photographics on-stage, on-screen, on-line to explore the psyche of culture. It began in 1995 under the name PITS Productions and became Shadow House PITS in 1998. However, its genesis goes back to 1980 with the partnership of David Bates and Joe Woodward and their innovative production of Don's Party in dinner theatre at The Park Royal to an audience of over 6,000 people. The operation of PITS Theatre and Bar between 1981 and June 1984 saw over 27,000 people pay to attend theatrical presentations and over 43,000 to attend live music performances. It was highly unconventional theatre to say the least.

Walk-outs from more traditional theatre goers, along with sporadic violence towards staff and actors resulted during some PITS' offerings. Still, audiences came and performers got paid. Both Bates (now the owner and operator of The Famous Spiegaltent) and Woodward continued to develop and present innovative more imaginative experimental offerings; though in vastly different fields.

Woodward's work as writer/director with Human Veins Dance Theatre resulted in the highly successful though controversial Eclipse '86 choreographed by John Salisbury with Don Asker as lead dancer / actor. His Acting Artaud presented at The Street Theatre and The Seymour Centre in 2004 resulted in requests from students and teachers at Universities and colleges throughout the world seeking assistance with their own understanding of Artaud's work. Theatre In A Car presented in association with Jorian Gardner (2007, 2008, 2009) opened new theatrical possibility in Canberra. Most recently, the innovative Trinculo's Bathtub premiered as part of the Short and Sweet Festival.

Our Lady By The Beach Over The Sea will be performed at The Canberra Theatre Centre Courtyard Studio in February 2013.


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