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Completely FREE  play scripts with some real bite for talented teenaged performers in schools or community groups? Licence to perform any of these plays is NOW also available FREE of charge

Each play script offered here has been produced with teenaged performers after very considerable workshopping

Each of the play scripts presented here has been produced by either a school or community theatre group and performed by students aged between fourteen and eighteen years of age.

Each production involved extensive workshopping, skills development, research and linking with other subject areas such as History, Literature, Sociology, Media, Dance, Music, Religious Education and Philosophy.

Each production incorporated participation from teachers and/or professionals from across curriculum areas and from parents.

Each production drew on a wide cross-section of the public for audiences.

CAUTION: While the subject matter for each production was well within the ambit of interest and suitability for the participant age range, these works should only be directed and facilitated by experienced Drama teachers or Directors trained and experienced in working with young people.

Ideally, participants should spend time workshopping their own emotional, intellectual and physical responses to the subject matter of the play.

Where appropriate, culturally specific references should be adapted to meet the needs and experiences of the group presenting the works.

Some works contain issues of violence, children in war, drugs, spirituality, the supernatural, betrayal of trust and related issues.


These plays are for students and teachers wishing to explore dramatic possibilities within meaningful and challenging social and cultural contexts. This involves much more than simply putting on productions to involve willing participants in a social experience.

I know that such work is difficult to find when considering the age and experience of the participants. Each of these plays offer challenges to the more talented and skilled performers while leaving scope for the less skilled though highly motivated students.

Most, though not all, roles are for characters within the age range of the students. These plays have a direct language that goes to the heart of contemporary experience while still having an expressionist quality giving access to the imagination.

They have been performed for audiences and proved successful. Yet they still offer room for exploration of issues with teacher/director and student actors.


Production licence for Amateur and Student productions NOW is available for FREE .

The prime criteria for letting out the licence is a passion for the material and a desire on the producer's part to engage and challenge audiences and the respective cultures where the work is to be performed. For further conditions, application and
receiving the full text, contact:


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The Plays

Ich Bin Faust
Derived from versions of the Faust myth by Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ich Bin Faust is set in the time of the Large Hadron Collider. It focuses on a group of students, of diverse backgrounds and obsessions, who were initially drawn together to produce a production of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. Their real lives intertwine with the play. One suggests God is dead. Another believes the devil is alive and well and just waiting for the advent of the big bang! The limits of belief, knowledge and faith are explored in the ensuring life and death struggle.

Cast: 9 actors of a minimum age of 16 and a maximum age of 21.

first performed by Shadow House PITS and Daramalan Theatre Company at The Canberra Theatre Centre Courtyard Studio
in April 2010

For more details and sample text click here.


The Flies

set in a war zone where a group of children are trapped in a bombed out school with outside grounds mined.

The play references William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

Cast: Minimum of 14 and up to 25 male and female

first performed by The Daramalan Theatre Company at The Canberra Theatre Centre in May 1999

For more details and sample text click here.

Cathedral Song

Jessie is a drug addicted girl of 16 who seeks refuge in an old Cathedral about to be demolished with the land sold to developers by a Church that has gone bankrupt.

This play contains some mature themes and is best attempted by students from the age of 16.

Cast: Minimum of 12 and up to 25 male and female.

first performed by The Daramalan Theatre Company at The Street Theatre (Canberra) in October 2002

For more details and sample text click here.




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