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You cannot escape the past. Ghosts from childhood play a bigger part in the shaping of life than one might imagine. Merilda Jenson had no option but to be that ghost. Spanning forty years, the girl with the strange name will not be forgotten; her life will be avenged.

    Written in the third-person present tense, the novel reads like a play without the certainty of past tense. Now available on Amazon Kindle e-Books. It may be previewed, purchased and downloaded from HERE.

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GEESE is a new dramatic work involving surrealist 
influences. Stylistically, it is inspired by the writings 
and efforts of Antonin Artaud and current issues
surrounding the way we see the world.
The production feature elements of Butoh and
Balinese Dance along with Theatre Of Cruelty.
GEESE asks the question:
Is "belief" really just delusion? or at best "illusion"?

Ich Bin Faust (2010)


Derived from versions of the Faust myth by Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ich Bin Faust is set in the time of the Large Hadron Collider. It focuses on a group of students, of diverse backgrounds and obsessions, who were initially drawn together to produce a production of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus . Their real lives intertwine with the play. One suggests God is dead. Another believes the devil is alive and well and just waiting for the advent of the big bang! The limits of belief, knowledge and faith are explored in the ensuring life and death struggle.






Sex& is certainly not for the faint hearted. Its crude and violent treatment of sexual desire and fantasy is guaranteed to divide audiences. The extreme sexual rituals enacted by the unconventional couple and their obsession with Internet sex, makes the play open for adventuous and exciting theatre. The play has had a number of presentations on three continents and each one has provoked strong reactions. There are undertones of La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats that haunt the setting. 'La Belle Dame sans Merci hath thee in thrall!'




Sanctimonious is a rare bird; a surreal depiction of public service in a public service town. There is no morality and orders are given by the trophy birds on the shelves of high ranking officers. It is a thriller about a deadly substance put into the water supply by an eager public servant only to find that the additive had a devastating effect on one's brain. It engenders enzymes that digest people's brains. This becomes euphemistically known as the "affliction". With changing political and social values as a result, religion is utilized in the creation of the Department of Heaven. We can safely say and guarantee that there is nothing like it anywhere. The play will not be to everyone's taste and its surreal sequences with the Kite Bird require a very high level of movement from a trained dancer or martial arts expert.



Violine (1995/2003)


Violine is based on the actual war time diaries of Jack Woodward who was  prisoner of war in Klagenfurt, Austria. It also deals with his journey into dementia some sixty years later. The life shaping events of one period become re-examined and changed over time. But even in the hazy world of dementia, the leading character still plays the violin with consumate ease. Violine is about the struggle for dignity in a brutal and dirty world. Regardless of circumstances or outward appearances, there are some for whom such a concept remains paramount. Violine touches on the same world depicted in Faure's music. The actor playing the central character MUST be able to play classical violin at a very high level of expertise.



Shadow In T he Dark (1995)


Shadow In The Dark is the stirring up of the forces within the wicker circle. It is the story of a young woman teacher who is fascinated by a young student and writes of her sexual fantasies about him in her diary. He finds it and uses it to establish a hold over her. However, there is another dimension at play here. Her past mental state is not quite as it might seem. Late one evening after school when the rest of the staff have gone home, all her demons from her past visit. And the outcome is bloody ... There is magic embeded in this work and it should be produced with great care. When produced in 1995 at The Canberra Theatre Centre, there were a number of unforeseen and frightening consequences. Reading it isn't a problem. You're safe !!!












Production licence for Amateur and Student productions is available for $120 flat fee paid in advance and prior to provision of the licence.

Production licence for Professional productions is 10% of gross box office with a minimum non-returnable advance of $500 paid prior to provision of the licence.

The prime criteria for letting out the licence is a passion for the material and a desire on the producer's part to engage and challenge audiences and the respective cultures where the work is to be performed. For further conditions, application and playment go to here.


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